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Segway Sherwood Forest | The Real Britain Company

Segway Sherwood Forest

Segway through Sherwood Forest in style with this Woodland Adventure experience. Glide smoothly over the rough tree-lined paths and trails of this infamous site on your own X2 All-Terrain personal transporter.

Suitable for newcomers through to pro riders for people of all shapes sizes and ages the Segway is a revolutionary way of getting from A to B effortlessly quietly and with the maximum amount of fun. Why explore Sherwood Forest on foot when you can Segway your way through the winding tracks of this immense national nature reserve in a physical and mental challenge like none other?

Your time in Sherwood starts by showing you how a Segway works – in essence you’re standing on a two-wheeled battery-operated vehicle that operates through balance so you steer by leaning in the appropriate direction. It takes a few minutes to get used to and the instructors at the centre will take the time to ensure you’re completely confident on the Segways before you leave the training arena.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of Segwaying Sherwood Forest awaits. Take the x2 off-road as it was designed to do and let the incredible power and ingenuity of this unassuming machine come to the fore. Whether it’s across flat ground over bumpy pathways or up embankments the Segway x2 is built to cope with the full range of ground conditions you’ll encounter on this merry trek.

You can either opt for an exclusive lesson (with a minimum party size of four people at weekends and eight people on weekdays) or smaller groups can request to join a non-exclusive session where you’ll link up with other solo riders or couples to make up the required numbers. Each participant is guaranteed at least 20 minutes’ ride time on the Segway but the nature of the activity means turn-taking is a main aspect of the course and so there may be some waiting time depending on group numbers.

This Segway course at Sherwood Forest is the perfect way to spend a fun-filled hour or two with a group of family or friends with perhaps a bit of healthy competition thrown into the mix. Or for a full range of Segway options – not only in Robin Hood’s neck of the woods but all over the country – just head to our main Segway page.

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