Segways Hertfordshire

Get on a Segway in Hertfordshire to explore the very best terrain this spectacular county has to offer. Steer your two-wheel transporter round this former farm taking in the splendid Hertfordshire wildlife and scenery as you go.

Now a bustling activity centre the renovated farm complex is nestled in the beautiful Rib valley and provides a picturesque setting for this sleek Segway experience. Hertfordshire’s naturally flat landscape makes Segwaying an easy enjoyable pastime for people of all ages and abilities as there are no technical challenges to overcome; simply a relaxing gentle and reassuringly silent meander across fields towpaths and even part of the golf course!

As part of your introduction to Segways there is a session on a short induction circuit at this Hertfordshire venue where you learn to mount and dismount steer accelerate and brake. You’ll also have a go at a small obstacle course to demonstrate what you’ve learned and then with helmets and padding firmly in place it’s off to explore the lakes and grasslands of this wonderful site.

You’ll have an expert instructor with you at all times to help you with the handling and also to give you a bit of information about the surrounding area. The standard Segway session lasts for approximately one hour which is more than enough time to get to grips with these odd-looking machines and gives you a taste of Segwaying as a sport.

If you’d like the fun to last a little longer why not opt for our Segway Hertfordshire Combo experience which includes both the Segway tour and the choice of a target archery or air-gun shooting lesson? All the equipment for both pursuits is provided and it’s a great way to make any day out truly memorable.

Take a ride on a Segway around Hertfordshire with these two thrilling packages that give you a real insight into outdoor pursuits and sports alongside the lovely river Rib that runs through Hertfordshire. Brilliant fun!

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