Segways North Yorkshire

Segway Yorkshire – go on be brave and and try Segway riding around a country estate in North Yorkshire! These experiences take place on a purpose built and permanent off road circuit that will see you winding through the woodlands on a Segway around this former farming domain near Bedale a lovely corner of North Yorkshire.

These Segways that you stand up to ride are great fun but seeing as these two wheeled transporters are like nothing you will have ever driven before you’ll start with a ‘getting to know’ your Segway session. This takes place in the special inflatable arena at this Yorkshire centre and one to one tuition is offered to make sure you get the gist of what these gyroscopic machines are all about (and most importantly how to start and stop the things!).

Once you have been deemed competent with the controls you will be invited to set off following the leader onto the woodland paths strewn with pinecones around this beautiful North Yorkshire estate. It’s classic northern stuff with a huge manor house in local yellow stone at one end of the park leading to open fields and tightly packed trees in neat little forests… and there’s even a little lake to steer the Seg round too.

At this Yorkshire location you’ll be on your Segway for a total of 45 minutes with the first 5-10 being spent getting used to the controls.  The Segways used on these experiences are all second generation cross country versions capable of coping with the rugged terrain here in North Yorkshire.

In fact don’t just take our word for how good it is at our Segway Yorkshire venue Robert Ropner owner of this stunning estate at Kirklington near Bedale reckons these Segway sessions are ‘a great way to explore this little part of Yorkshire’ as you go off the beaten track beyond the stables and outbuildings on his farm on your trusty X2 Segway.

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