Sierra Cosworth Rally Driving

Hark back to the classic days of Group B rallying on these Sierra Cosworth rally experiences! The Sierra rally car was a bit of an icon in the motorsport world of the mid 1980s. Hundreds of thousands of L and GL versions (remember them?) roamed the streets but on the rally track it was the Sierra Cosworth that ruled the roost.

Well when we say that Ford Motorsport’s Sierra RS Cosworth never actually won a World Championship title overall – but the car and its drivers certainly had some serious fun trying. The likes of rallying legends Carlos Sainz Stig Blomquist and Ari Vatanen have all been at the wheel of a Sierra Cosworth rally with many a stage win.

The problem was the Ford Sierra was rallying at a time when the newfangled four wheel drive mean machines were coming out in force led by the Lancia Delta Integrale and the Toyota Celica. Whilst holding its own on the tarmac stages the rear wheel drive Cossie just couldn’t match these cars for grip on gravel no matter how much power it boasted.

But in today’s motorsporting world where every car is all wheel drive it’s a real rallying treat to be able to drive the rear wheel drive Ford Cosworth. This centre has a souped up four door Sierra Sapphire saloon and the classic two-door RS Cosworth – complete with mahoosive whale tail.

We have to say there will be a lot of overseer on the gravel stage if you don’t get the Cossy under control. And that’s what learning to rally is all about. Once you’ve got to grips with the handling when driving along a surface that feels like a bed of marbles you’ll be able to increase the speed and improve your times with every lap.

There to help you will be a team of instructors led by school owner Tom. He’s pretty good at this rallying lark so hopefully you’ll learn some of best bits of rallying from him and the pros. And for that same reason we highly recommend the hotlap to go with your Sierra Cosworth rally session – it’ll show you what it’s really all about and it’ll be in one of the Sierras!

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