Silverstone Off-Road Driving Challenge

Silverstone. 4×4. Mud. Water. Surely all the essential ingredients for the perfect off road drive? This experience has been meticulously designed to be a proper challenge in a proper 4×4 vehicle. No pottering around here you’ll be seriously going for it!

Your trusty steed for the drive is a Suzuki Vitara. This is no showroom dweller this is a front-line fighter complete with extended air intake winch on the front grille and full harness to keep you in the seat. Prepare yourself for the best bumpy ride of your life as you tackle this tricky terrain.

The Silverstone team has certainly come up trumps when it comes to devising the ideal 4×4 circuit to maximise the off-roading fun. The course is divided into five intertwining sections each with its own set of challenges. And we can tell you now you’ll need your wits about you all the way.

From going sideways and ramping it up impossibly steep slopes to sliding back down them the other side it’s ‘heart-in-the-mouth’ stuff. Believe in yourself believe in your Suzuki and do it. Of course your instructor will be beside you at all times to encourage give advice and get you round the course.

A highlight for many on this Silverstone 4×4 course is the see-saw. Brilliantly created out of a trailer you’ll be perched at 1.5m above the ground trying to just give it enough gas to get on the thing without overshooting spectacularly. Then it’s all about finding the pivot point to tip you gently over so you can drive off it. It’s a tricky one and you love it!

And a little heads up for you. As you’re driving through the water troughs watch out for what’s beneath you. You can’t see anything but they’re filled with ruts and potholes to try and put you and your car off balance. Let’s just hope you don’t stall. And whatever you do don’t open the doors when the water’s up to the door handles…

With lots of deep water sticky mud and steep gradients we think you’ll love this 4×4 session at Silverstone. It’s a really well thought out course and it’s great to be using a vehicle that loves the rough and tumble of the real off road world. Are you up for the challenge?

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