Single Seater Track Day

Join a genuine motorsport racing team for a thrilling single seater track drive! These experiences use fully prepped cars that are being driven in the current Formula Renault and Formula Ford Championships in the UK giving you one of the most authentic days out on the circuit possible.

It’s a case of ‘move over team drivers it’s time to give us amateurs a go!’ when you get your hands on the steering wheel of a genuine racing machine. The Renault single seater has a Tatuus chassis and a 2 litre Renault Clio engine inside. Now that may not sound very impressive but when we tell you these things do 0-60mph in just 2.7 seconds and can get to 100mph in less then five we think you’ll agree the stats speak for themselves.

The Formula Ford open-wheeler is a very similar beast when it comes to lap times and acceleration. Underneath those wings and attached to those slicks is a Sinter chassis developed in close partnership with the race team that hosts these single seat track days. Inside it’s all very F1 with six-speed sequential gear box and yes there’s even space for an onboard camera to capture your every move (images of which are included in the Gold experience package). The engine in these beasts is 1.6 litre turbo just like Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car! And at almost 200bhp they’re well on the way to giving you the best idea of what it’s like to be him! 

So what can you expect on your single seater experience day? First up you need to have a safety briefing and then get yourself kitted out in a race suit and full face helmet. Then you have to get fitted into the seat. This is because proper racing seats are how can we put it rather snug (hence the height restrictions of 5ft-6ft4″) and they need to be to stop you being buffeted and knocked around whilst you drive.

And remember these are actual race cars used in the current Ford and Renault single seater driving Championship and these track days are run by one of the motorsport teams competing in the series so by participating in a single seater track day you will get an insight into just how a professional team is run as it supports young hopefuls as they drive their way up through the ranks of FIA-approved motor racing.

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