Single Seaters – Leicestershire

Nothing beats driving solo around a track and on this single seater driving experience you’ll be doing just that around a challenging purpose-built circuit in Leicestershire countryside. So pop your racing helmet on get ready on the start grid and follow those chequered flag dreams!

The day you get to drive a single seater starts with familiarisation laps in a performance training car to give you valuable experience of the track so you can drive every corner and curve of the route. Your instructor sitting in the front passenger seat will explain the best way of making smooth rapid progress around the track in readiness for your main ‘single-handed’ event.  

You then advance into the world of single seaters finding yourself strapped into the stripped out cockpit of a legendary race tuned 1800cc Formula Ford.  These open wheeled racers weigh next to nothing and have handling that’s way beyond what you’ll have ever experienced before.  All current Formula One drivers started their careers going head to head in cars just like this – now it’s your turn.

As you head out onto the track you’ll have to adjust pretty quickly to the fact that it’s just you and the single seater out there – there’s no room for co-pilots or passengers in these single seater machines. You probably won’t remember much from your familiarisation laps as you’re bound to be concentrating hard on just keeping a controlled lid on all that amazing power under foot but soon you’ll get into the rhythm of it all hopefully getting faster and smoother on each lap.

At the end of your single seater driving experience you will be presented with an individual driving assessment and personalised certificate. If you’re looking for an unusual and memorable gift idea then one of our racing gift vouchers may fit the bill nicely. Please view our main page for the full range of racing car gifts using an IntotheBlue voucher or if you are looking for a present for a husband dad son or men in general then our gifts for men section has a great selection of ideas that will be sure to fit the bill..   

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Single Seaters – Leicestershire
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