Single Seaters – Scotland

Here’s your chance to experience the thrills of sports car driving and single seater racing on this professional circuit in Scotland on either weekday or weekend sessions. Your experience starts with a trackcraft talk with professional drivers explaining the art of how to drive the cars around the circuit – it’s nothing like negotiating normal roads!

Once kitted out and ready to go you will drive four laps in a sporty saloon car. This session offers you one to one instruction and coaching to prepare you for your solo outing in the single seater. There follows two high-speed demo laps driven by your instructor in the saloon car – hang on tight this is going to be impressive!

The climax of the day is next – the freedom of being out on the track driving on your own in a proper single seater racing car. Strapped in and ready to go just leaving the pit lane and heading for the main circuit will have your heart beating pretty fast! Sitting merely centimetres from the tarmac the noise of the engine is incredible as you drive ten laps of the famous circuit. Your experience ends with a driver debrief and presentation of assessments and certificates.

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Single Seaters – Scotland
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