Skid Control in Scotland

Skid pan training Scotland – don’t panic! That’s one of the first things you will learn as you take on the Knockhill skid pan. An initial interactive video and safety briefing will show you what to expect then its off to the pan to get sliding!

This pan is the only free wheel skid surface in Scotland open to the public for training and has been purpose built to a good size at 60mx30m. For Scottish drivers this pan at Knockhill is one of the best environments in which to learn how to put cars into different skid situations  – and more importantly just how to control them!

Here at Knockhill two different types of car are used for your training session on the skid pan. This is in order to simulate different scenarios namely a front wheel drive vehicle and a rear wheel drive car so you can learn how this affects the cars and the way they react differently. During your two hours you’ll be tackling situations such as black ice surface water and aquaplaning whilst trying to stay calm and grasp control.

Our skid pan training Scotland experience gives you two hours of quality skidding out on the Knockhill pan. You will also have the chance to test your skills in the ‘brake and avoid’ lane so you can see how non-ABS and ABS vehicles work in an emergency. All in all a fun and informal way of learning practical skills that will improve your everyday driving awareness. The sessions ends with a debrief and presentation of certificates.

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