Skid Control Shropshire

Here’s a new twist on skid training! This well-established driving school¬†centre in Shropshire uses a unique skid area featuring a very special surface that makes skidding easy. There are no cradles on the skid car or fancy gadgetry that way (with your expert training) it means you learn easily all about when skids happen and how to control them from speeds as gentle as 5mph.

This skid car training experience is offered for one or two people and both packages give you plenty of training in the hot seat with the instructor and for skidding duos when you’re not driving you can be a passenger in the car. All sessions are offered as exclusive lessons so you will have the undivided attention of the Grade Six advanced driving instructor and there’s no hanging around waiting for your turn.

Of course experiencing your first skid can be scary and often most people’s first skid on roads is actually down to driver error so much better to be doing it at a training ground under controlled conditions with an expert driving instructor sitting next to you to show you what to do. And don’t forget the session is as much about fun out there on the pan as it is about learning some vital motoring skills.

Thanks to that specially prepared surface you can learn to control a skid at very slow speeds to gain confidence before building up to higher speeds to really test your training at the wheel of the skid car. So no need to feel anxious and believe us by the end of the session you will feel rightly quite proud of yourself that you will leave knowing just what to do when you skid – although we don’t advise doing skids on the way home in your own car if you can help it!

Although skid training is typically seen as a gifts for men experience ¬†they are equally suitable for women too as driving is not just a man’s domain these days (thankfully!) and you’ll be trained in everything from locked wheels to tyre blows out on these experiences at this family run centre in Oswestry.

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