Skid Control Suffolk

Experience front and rear wheel drive action on this Skid Pan Day in Suffolk! This low-grip skid pan at the driving facility near Bury St Edmunds gives you the opportunity to get skidding and sliding in total safety for half a day’s fun as part of a small group experience.

Throughout the course of these thrilling days you will take out two different vehicles onto the pan for skids and slides – a front wheel drive hatchback and a larger rear wheel driven saloon. The difference in the way these two cars behave is pretty impressive and each requires a certain technique to be able to control and recover as you go slewing off course. As well as skidding on the pan on the day you will also learn about emergency braking as part of the same experience because you never know when you might need to stop as quickly and safely as possible.

What’s good about the whole experience of being out on the skid pan for a few hours of the day is that you are in a small group which means there is plenty of banter and encouragement with your fellow skitters. As the course progresses so too will your understanding of how vehicles (and drivers) tend to naturally react and how to reverse that whole process so you are safe in a slide.

Of course the main focus on this skid pan day is enjoying the thrills but the skills you will learn whilst you’re flinging the cars around this slippery surface in Suffolk will also put you in very good stead when driving your own car on wet snowy or icy weather days. And with training from a ex and serving military and police driving instructors you can be sure of plenty of top tips from experts who have trained hundreds of drivers to advanced level.


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