Skids for Kids

Track-based drifting fun for teens with this brilliant Skids for Kids experience! It’s destination Birmingham for a day out with a team of very skilled drifters who love nothing better than to show young ones skills that most adults will never get the chance to try.

And make no mistake this may well be the junior version of the drifting experience but your little ones will be using the same vehicles that are used on the adult drifting experience except that the fleet of cars is adapted for these kids’ days to be dual control ensuring a safe environment.

So what will those tearaway teens be learning on the day? Of course as in theory they won’t have any driving skills or experience the first thing to do is get them honing their basic control skills in the paddock. From this base they will be shown the tricks of the drifting trade to be able to start off a slide. And believe us the feeling of getting the rear end of the car swinging out is not one you’ll forget in a hurry no matter what age you are!

After the youngsters get their first taste of going sideways it’s time to hit the practice corner to perfect those long well-controlled drifts at low speed. The kiddies might not be going at break-neck speeds but it is by no means less thrilling as the art of drifting is about smooth manoeuvres and looking well quite frankly pretty cool.

Having got those drift techniques down each child will then be able to take part in a Game of Drift. This is a superb little challenge for the teenagers as the gauntlet is laid down to see who can make the targets topple using the rear end of the car as your bat! It’s all about controlling those nerves as the kids climb into the hot seat one by one to give it a go

And to round off this fantastic Skids for Kids session there’s a little presentation ceremony to celebrate just how much all the boys and girls have learnt. The only criteria for this junior day of drifting coolness is that children are at least 12 years old and 4ft 6″ or taller. If you know a young person who loves cars we think they will relish the chance to bust some motoring moves on the track.

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Skids for Kids
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