Skydiving Course Suffolk

Take a Skydiving Course here in Suffolk and be one of over 10 000 budding skydivers who jump from this centre on the Norfolk/Suffolk border every single year!

This school is based at Beccles airfield and makes the most of the fact that there are altitude limits no air traffic control restrictions and no other aviation traffic from the drop zone area making it the perfect place to sign up for a course in skydiving.

The team here is amazing. Owners Jason Thompson and Grant Richards have done many thousands of jumps between them and are both ex military parachutists. The aim of the sky diving game here is to be professional but approachable and friendly at the same time to put you at ease throughout your course – especially when for most it is their very first foray into that freefall feeling.

So you’ve decided you want to go skydiving. Now you have to decide how you want to jump out of the plane. The quickest route is to opt for tandem skydiving as there is a ground training session and then you’re off strapped into a harness with of course your instructor attached. You exit the plane around from your choice of either 7’000 or 13 000ft above the ground and experience freefalling before the parachute is opened and your canopy ride back down to the drop zone gives you around six minutes of calm after the rush.

This school also offers AFF (Accelerated Free Fall). This is basically the fastest way to get you jumping solo from 13000ft. You will be given all the training you need to get rigged up head up in the plane and jump. As soon as you exit there will be two instructors holding each arm and tuition is quite literally given in the air via hand signals and radio. At 5000ft you’ll be given the signal to deploy the parachute.

We think this is an amazing course as you’ll be soloing your first skydive! Whichever skydiving course you choose you are bound to have an incredible day at this bustling Beccles venue. And although skydiving is weather dependent there’s plenty of opportunity to jump here as the school is open seven days a week all year round – and yes all appropriate gear included cosy skydiving suits (par for the course during colder months) are included! A full list of parachute and skydiving schools is available on our main parachuting page.

Find out more and book your place today!