Skydiving Lincolnshire

Jump from a dizzying 15 000ft when you go skydiving Lincolnshire style! Hibaldstow Airfield offers the highest skydives in the UK so if you’re going to go tandem here in Lincs you’ll need to make sure you’ve got your head for heights on!

This Hibaldstow centre offers three different types of skydiving packages for you. The quickest way to get jumping is indeed the tandem jump which requires the shortest ground training time (usually around 20mins) before you are validated to jump attached to your instructor via a special double skydive harness for a thrilling full minute of freefall that means you hit terminal velocity at 120mph. Phew!

And talking of instructors you’ve got the best of the best here in Lincolnshire. The team has a combined jump tally of well over 30 000 skydives and collectively has more decades worth of experience jumping out of planes than they’d care to remember. It’s also worth noting that Hibaldstow that has been home to this skydive operator since 1992 and as an ex WW2 airfield there’s a vast amount of space for a really good easily visible drop zone. Hibaldstow is also incredibly well organised which is why this Lincolnshire airfield regularly hosts the British National Championships and is home to several world-class teams.

If you fancy going solo on your very first jump go for the static line course. Spread over two days with the ground training with the jump the following day you will exit the plane solo at around 4000ft (but with radio contact at all times) attached to line from the aircraft until your canopy is deployed automatically. All in all you’ll have around five minutes controlling your own parachute over the Lincolnshire countryside before you nail your very own landing.

The alternative is accelerated freefall otherwise known as AFF. This is an intense high thrills course across two days with this highly experienced Lincolnshire-based crew teaching you everything you need to know to jump from that uber daring 15 000ft – unattached. There will be two instructors accompanying you but it really is a whole different level compared to tandem.

And as well as an excellent reputation for tip-top tuition and slick organisation skydiving at Lincolnshire’s Hibaldstow has an extra bonus up its jumpsuit sleeves – the excellent DineZone cafe to keep your friends and family who have come to watch your inaugural skydiver exploits in bacon butties and teas!

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