Skydiving Salisbury

Hop in plane jump out of it and skydive over Salisbury Plains! This Salisbury-based tandem skydiving specialist offers jumps from both 10 000ft and an incredible 15 000ft – which is the highest possible the in the UK. A 15 000ft jump (that’s nearly three miles high!) will give you up to one very intense minute of absolute free-fall in the skies above this most picturesque part of Wiltshire.

Unique to this Salisbury skydive school is the training facility. No leaning over boxes to learn the plane exit free fall and landing position you will actually be suspended in your harness to more accurately simulate what happens and prepare you for the experience. Mind you absolutely nothing in this world can prepare you for what jumping out of a moving aeroplane actually feels like.

Fully prepared and harnessed up you load the plane along with your expert skydiving instructor (this Salisbury crew is well-known for being friendly smiley and great at putting your mind at ease!). As soon as you take off the adrenaline kicks in and you realise the only way back down is a mind-blowing free fall followed by a parachute ride with views over the Plains Salisbury Cathedral and beyond.

In around 15 minutes you will reach the perfect altitude for a skydive over Salisbury – around 10 000ft. As the door opens your heart is sure to be in your mouth the wind hits your face and gravity takes over as the engine noise fades away…and the silence is only broken by your screams of delight!

Drink in this moment as it is truly the Holy Grail of skydiving. Free falling over the Salisbury Plains. It’s cheesy but it’s true; there really is no other feeling like it. As you reach a height of around 5000ft the instructor deploys the canopy and it’s stage two of your skydive – a gentle descent back down to the drop zone as you take in the views.

Choose the 15 000ft jump and your flight will take a few more minutes to reach altitude. From this sort of height there’s not much you can’t see and it’s amazing to be freefalling above the clouds then piercing through that layer of white fluffiness to see the whole of Salisbury Plains laid out before you. And remember skydiving from this height gives twice the amount of freefall.

As soon as you touch down on Salisbury soil you will soon become aware of the cheers and applause of friends and family who have been proudly looking on watching your fabulous feat of aerial agility unfold. And we bet you’ll have THE biggest smile on your face too. A well-deserved high five with your skydiver instructor and it’s time to head back to the school’s facility to thank all those lovely people who bought you that voucher for a skydive in Salisbury!


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