Sports Car Experience

A sportscar experience full of superlatives! There’s quite a line up of motors waiting for you to take you pick on these sessions at a variety of tracks around the UK. Let’s see which car you choose for your drive

Great things come in small packages as they say and this is certainly true of the Lotus Elise. A smashing little car in all its versions the one lined up for these sporting experiences is the series 2 111R. This is the uber-rapid model that puts cars three times its price to shame. A combination of the Toyota ZZ engine and the Yamaha-designed twin cam head goes some way to explaining the superbike-like performance of this car but what sets it apart is the weight – just 725kg compared to the average small hatchback that comes in at around a tonne.

Then there’s the Porsche Boxster. The stylish little convertible roadster from the famous German stable might not have the admiration that the iconic 911 attracts but it is a very fun sports car to drive – especially if the day of our experience happens to be a warm and sunny one so you can keep the top down and get that sunglasses on pose perfected. Oh and for that extra thrill potential don’t forget it is rear wheel drive.

Last but not least the final member of this sports car fleet is the Subaru Impreza. This is a perennial favourite amongst rally and racing fans alike. Much-loved for that impressive flat four boxer engine the all wheel drive Scoobie is a dream machine equally at home on the smooth tarmac of a fast track or bumping and bouncing over a gravel special stage surface.

Whichever of these three sporting stars you choose (and there may be others or substitutes on the actual day to make your choice even harder!) you are sure to have a fantastic time taking your motor for a spin. They are all quite different in their own way but each one has performance at its core so whether you go British land of the Rising Sun or German you will get a taste of motoring excellence on these sports car experiences.

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