Spy Academy Buckinghamshire

Enrol at the Spy Academy near Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire and they will teach you some very useful spy skills! You will be taught how to use a variety of arms and weapons including a ‘pistol’* the secret agent’s personal weapon as you then test your skills with quick draw techniques in a VIP protection scenario.

Safety comes first and of course no real ammunition or guns are used. The weapons while realistic and fun are in fact a combination of air rifles and gun replicas. Having said that the scenarios are pretty real and you’re really get into the spy spirit!

The academy was set up by ex-SAS  special forces police and military personnel to offer an experience based around the exciting world of special operations and espionage. But this isn’t a boot camp you participate at your level with no pressure from instructors other than encouragement and guidance!

Whilst you’re at the spy academy you’ll learn how to fire ‘sniper rifles’* apply precision shooting through the powerful telescopic sights on rifles try your skill at axe-throwing and test your nerve and concentration with a technical spying challenge too. Even high powered crossbows are included as these are the secret agents’ silent weapon. Phew! That’s quite an itinerary!

You will also receive some expert instruction on unarmed combat techniques which we think is always pretty useful when those pesky enemy agents corner you and you’re unarmed. And make no mistake not only is this exciting day out one of our very popular gifts for men the spy ladies can often teach the boys a thing or two about spying and combat.

The spy academy is open to all budding spies. What’s more the centre which is about half way between the M1 and M40 is well equipped for spectators. Hot food snacks and drinks are available and your family and friends are welcome to watch and to take video or photographic evidence of their favourite spy in training!

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