Stonehenge & Bath Tour

Get away from the capital and into the ancient Gloucestershire countryside on a Stonehenge coach tour! This excursion from London includes travel by executive coach to Stonehenge before heading onwards to Bath for a comprehensive day trip that includes everything from Neolithic houses to Roman baths

It’s an early start from Victoria Coach station for your tour but arriving at Stonehenge in the morning gives you a wonderful lift. These tall stones are classed as one of the Wonders of the World and you will indeed by wondering how they were built who by when and what for. And what’s amazing is that to be honest no-one is really sure! Some say it’s a sort of huge calendar a temple to the sun an observatory on the moon a cemetery or perhaps even a healing centre. Whatever the prehistoric people used Stonehenge for there’s no denying the rather inspirational feeling of energy here

No prehistoric modes of transport to get here nowadays though as getting to Stonehenge by coach is really easy. After being dropped off at the visitor centre (a very modern and discrete construction that is completely in keeping with the whole site) you’ll be able to wander around the permanent and temporary exhibitions before hopping on the Stonehenge shuttle coach that’ll take you on the 10 minute journey to to the stones. If you’re feeling active you can get off the bus halfway and continue your tour on foot.

It’s worth noting that because this incredible site needs careful management to preserve those 40-ton rocks you can’t get right up to the stones these days which is why the guided mini-coach tour is highly recommended and you’ll learn loads about the Salisbury Plain.

After Stonehenge your coach tour sets off for the very quaint Georgian town of Bath. The Romans loved it here and turned the country’s only natural hot water spring into a decadent spa which you will be visiting today as this package includes entrance to the impressive Roman Baths in the centre of town.

You’ll also have plenty of free time here so you can wander the cobbled streets check out the famous crescents and pop into the lovely boutiques cafes and restaurant that are very plentiful in Bath. Don’t forget to head to Pulteney Bridge and watch the waters of the River Avon rushing over the ornate weir. Your Stonehenge coach tour and bath trip comes to end when you step back off the coach in London at around 19:30. The perfect day for culture vultures!

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