Stunt Driving Course

Get ready to pull some serious motoring manoeuvres when you go stunt driving in West Sussex! This is your chance to learn to be a stunt driver at this centre in Chichester – but this is no ordinary stunt driving course as you’re about to find out…

What makes this session unique is that you’ll learning those fancy tyre screeching moves in a Ford RST. These mad little cars are like a mix of rage buggies and rally cars all rolled into one very light very agile little motor. They are actually used for rally cross events and the RST has a big following around Europe with several RST race series championships in existence too.

But the beauty of this course is that you won’t just be rally crossing the whole idea of this stunt driving experience in West Sussex is to hone your stunt skills and in the RST it’s even more hair raising than in a standard hatchback rally car that’s for sure!

Maybe it’s because you feel entirely open to the elements. Maybe it’s because it is so light to handle. Maybe it’s the ferocity of the acceleration. Just maybe it’s all of the above that makes this version of stunt driving so exhilarating.

Indeed it’s like going back to basics making this the ideal car to learn those essential tricks in and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing here in Chichester courtesy of Rally X champ promotional and stunt driver Leo Forster and his team of expert drivers.

It’s all about the handbrake turns the fancy handbrake parking pulling off the ultimate ‘getaway’ move in the J turn doing some stylish drifts and perhaps even busting out some doughnuts. It really is the ultimate in boy of girl racer behaviour that’s bound to leave a huge grin on the faces of any budding stunt drivers you know.

And finally it’s worth noting that the expert drivers who’ll be teaching you stunt driving at this West Sussex venue will also be keeping a close eye on how accurate you are with your moves and at the end of the course there’ll be a little presentation to crown someone the King or Queen of stunt driving and other assorted fancy driving skills. We reckon the gauntlet is well and truly down here in Chichester. Are you up for the challenge?

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