Stunt Driving Hertfordshire

If you fancy pulling massive motoring moves like they do in films then go on a stunt drive in Hertfordshire! These taster and pro stunt driving classes take place at a private proving ground just outside Hemel Hempstead and combine spinning thrills with excellent tuition.

You could say the team here is totally dedicated to stunt driving and motorsport or you might just say each one of them is totally nutty about busting out crazy car moves. Either way this young and dynamic crew is sure to bring out the big kid in you – grinning from ear to ear when you nail that first tyre smoking donut!

We are offering two different types of stunt driving class here in Hertfordshire. For those who’d like to dip their toe in the world of freestyle car driving we’ve got the taster session. During the class you’ll learn the basics of precision driving so you can pull off those moves that look as if you’re about to lose the car when you’re actually fully in control of the vehicle.

Those basic stunt driving moves include the classic J-turn and inch perfect handbrake turns to get the tyres smoking. All pretty impressive stuff so make sure you’ve got friends and family watching to see you fancy feats.

If you opt for the pro stunt drive at this Hertfordshire centre you’ll enjoy an extended experience that gives you loads of time to perfect those moves. All students will have plenty of time at the wheel to learn and practise some tarmac-scorching antics taking your driving techniques to the next level.

As well as those high speed handbrakes turns and J turns you will have the chance to try power oversteer donuts  – very smooth. And our favourite session during this stunt class is driving into a car parking space but not by reversing in more by flinging it into the spot via a nice handbrake turn.

The stunt driving gauntlet has most definitely been laid down!

Find out more and book your place today!