Subaru Experience

These Subaru track days in Staffordshire promise to be filled with turbocharged all-wheel drive power for your driving delight and delectation that is sure to leave you wanting more as you hurtle around this well laid out purpose built race track at high speeds.

In all our days of writing about track day experiences the Subaru ones are the ones that always hit the top spot and become number one best sellers amongst motoring fans. That’s because the Subaru Impreza WRX Sti (that’s Subaru Tecnica International Scooby fans!) is quite simply awesome. The shape may have changed over the years ProDrive’s Subaru World Rally Team might be no more but the Japanese manufacturer’s most successful competitive car is still very much held dear in our hearts – and any day you get the chance to fling a Subaru around a track is a true pleasure.

This Subaru  not only looks the business with huge whale tail  aggressive air intake on the bonnet and those huge alloys but it is also the business under the bonnet. This Subaru simply oozes torque with its turbocharged boxer engine kicking out 300bhp making it a bit of demon on the track any day of the week.

So get strapped in to the racing seats and get ready to drive six blisteringly fast laps around the Staffordshire track in your Subaru. Weekday and anytime vouchers are available for these experiences with weekday vouchers offering the best value.

And if you needed any more convincing about these Subaru track days let’s just say that as soon as you get comfortable with the racing line you’ll find (much like Colin McCrae Richard Burns and Petter Solberg all did when they won the WRC in their Scoobies) that the Subaru has the rather lovely habit of sticking to the road like glue no matter how tightly you enter the hairpins and s-bends. Oh and the Subaru drives around the track as fast as something off a shovel that we’re not allowed to say. True driving heaven.

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