Subaru vs Evo Hertfordshire

We think things could get very competitive on this Subaru vs Evo experience when you line up an Impreza WRX STi and a Mitsubishi Evolution side by side trackside to see which of these racing beasts is best.

We absolutely love this head to head style experience format. Both cars have seen considerable rally and racing success both are held in high esteem by motoring fans and both have sold bucket loads during their many years of production but which of these two Japanese stalwarts will you prefer?

If we did a survey we reckon the results would be pretty much 50/50. Fans of Subaru and Mitsubishi are notoriously loyal and would never cross the divide from one marque to the other. However this experience lets you test both the Subaru and the Evo to the limits of their rev counters and you’ll probably end up loving them both.

So the stars of the show are the Subaru and the Evo. One thing’s for sure this ‘versus’ experience takes place on a level playing field. The track here in the heart of Hertfordshire has been designed to offer big fun on big corners so you can sweep through at a serious rate of knots in both vehicles.

After a bit of track day theory and safety briefing it’s straight into the programme of Subaru vs Evo with you driving five laps in each car so you will be discovering the vehicle and the track at the same time for an extra dimension to the speed-based thrills.

Of course we wouldn’t just let you loose driving solo around the track in these deliciously playful cars. As you jump in the driving seat of each one you’ll notice an instructor in the passenger seat (or should that be co-pilot?) ready for take off. They are a friendly lot and as well as having the delight of being ferried by your good self for a couple of laps in the Subaru and the Evo they will also be on hand calling braking points reminding you about changing gear and generally helping you get it tight and right on the circuit.

So there you have it our epic meeting of motoring minds – the Subaru vs Evo experience. All that remains is for you to decide which of these two much-loved cars you’d most like to take home and park in your own garage.

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