Subaru VS Supercar Experience

Mix and match the best of the best with this Subaru and Supercar Combo in Staffordshire! If you want to drive two rather fine motors these thrilling combination choice experiences will certainly hit the automotive spot any day of the week giving you two goes on the track in a duo of cars.

It’s a bit like East meets West with a rather fine line up of European supercars mingling and combining with one much-loved Subaru from Japan the land of the rising sun…and seriously cool rallying cars. All these vehicles are waiting patiently for you to choose your favourites to drive alongside the Scoobie.

And what a hard decision you’ll have to make! Will you be going for Italian styling German beefiness or British classiness? That’s to say the gorgeous Ferrari 360 the angular Lambo Gallardo the bold Audi R8 or the sublime Aston Martin. You can only drive one so make sure you take your time to decide. This combo experience gives you six laps around the circuit in the supercar you choose and of course another six in the Subaru.

Ah yes the Subaru WRX STi. This car doesn’t need our words to describe it if you know your rally cars you’ll know this is one of the best ever built. And yes you’ll be driving one of the latest versions. Combine this great high performance car with some really classy supercars and we think you have the superlative driving duo on your hands!

It’s worth mentioning at this point that it’s a fully spec’d up version of the Subaru you’ll be climbing into but what we love most is that it’s actually still a five door car and inside it’s pretty much like the normal road-going version inside but as soon as you’ve got the seatbelt on and the handbrake off you’ll realise just what a powerful fun car the finely tuned WRX STi is.

Your Subaru and Supercar Combo takes place at a former airfield at Seighford in Staffordshire that has been transformed by the team into a well-equipped circuit that boasts a very agreeable smooth tarmac. With a design that gives enough straight sections to feel the acceleration and corners to get you putting on that full steering lock as fast as you can this is a winning combination for all Subaru and supercar fans.

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Subaru VS Supercar Experience
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