Supercar Adventure Day

A full nine and a half hours of motoring fun with six hours on the open roads with some of the best high performance vehicles ever built – that’s our fabulous Supercar day! If you love cars you will feel like all your birthdays have come at once when you get to drive your way through a superb collection of very flash supercars.

The key to these luxury experiences is the road. We are talking the everyday streets A-roads and dual carriageways around north London into Hertfordshire through Buckinghamshire and reaching Bedfordshire. And all the time you will either be at the wheel or navigating in the co-driver seat. You can expect to cover over 150 miles in total on these supercar days so that’s plenty of time to get comfy in the leather seats and perfect those smooth gear changes.

Of course the itinerary for your day with the supercars has been meticulously planned in advance. The best roads have been chosen by the events team and they have even scouted out a superb country inn where you’ll enjoy a two course lunch in between stages of the mapped route. As we’ve mentioned there will be two of you in each car at any one time so if you want to make it an extra special experience book for two and you’ll be making up a dream driving duo for the day.

And what a collection of cars it is. The fleet includes many vehicles you rarely find on other supercar driving days either on or off the track with the likes of TVR Lamborghini Ferrari Aston Martin Lotus Porsche and Maserati all being represented. Our pick of the supercar line up on these days has to be the TVR Sagaris and this operator has the country’s largest selection of these lesser spotted TVRs.

The full spectrum of automotive design and engineering is represented with this incredible collection featuring an wide choice of supercar. A day spent cruising around the countryside is sure to attract envious glances from other motorists in their reasonably priced hatchbacks as you leap from the lights turn smoothly around the apex of the corner and head off over the brow of the hill to the next checkpoint on your full day road trip.

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