Supercar Blast Choice

This is your supercar blast choice – hosted by one of the biggest track day operators at some of the best circuits in the country! If you love your cars you will adore these experiences. You’ll be practically salivating at the choice of supercars and be chomping at the bit to have a blast on some very well-known tracks.

These fabulous driving sessions are offered at Blyton Park Elvington Three Sisters Bruntingthorpe The Arena Circuit at The NEC Birmingham and Dunsfold Park. It’s an excellent mix of airfield circuits pro driving tracks proving grounds and even the one that was used in that famous BBC motoring magazine show. Need we say more!

As for the cars they are superb. The fleet is regularly upgraded to make sure no supercar aficionado is ever bored on a supercar blast choice day so your current favourite car is bound to be in the line up. Be it a stylish Aston an aggressive Audi a flamboyant Lamborghini an iconic Ferrari a feisty Porsche or a crazy Atom we’ve got them all.

We are offering vouchers to take one two three four five or six supercars for a blast around the track. You’ll drive each chosen car for two laps which equates to three-miles. Three glorious miles of supercar delight. Vouchers are valid for all venues so you choose where you’d like to go for your special day.

We should also mention the event team and instructors. This long-established operator has over 100 advanced driving instructors on the roster and all are highly experienced. From those who have competed (and won many a race) in everything from Renault 5 to Radical racing to adept rallyers single seater pilots and works drivers each one is ready to motivate you with their in-car instruction. That all means you will really make the most of your time behind the wheel.

The combination of excellent cars well-known circuits and top-notch instructing team means you’ll have a ball on your supercar blast choice. The only problem we can see is how you decide which car (or cars) you want to drive. Decisions decisions!

Find out more and book your place today!