Supercar Blast Offer

You’ll get that Friday feeling with this supercar blast offer! Ditch work and disappear off for the day at the end of the week to go on a supercar blast. These deals are valid for Friday supercar driving sessions at Heyford Park in Oxfordshire and offer our best value supercar blast deal going.

We can’t go as far as writing a sick note for you or creating a spoof meeting that’ll take you out of the office all day Friday but we can give you a great price on driving supercars for a fab start to your weekend. Forget the dull commute home you’ll be hooning it around the track with some very nice cars to choose from.

As well as being a proper good deal these supercar blast offers are really flexible. There’s a whole fleet of fancy motors and you decide how many you’d like to drive. We’ve got deal vouchers from one two three four or five car blasts. Once the voucher has been bought it’s then up to you to pick which car or cars you’d like to take for spin.

The line up of vehicles might vary from week to week but in essence they are all serious supercars. That’s to say the sort of cars we could never afford to actually own or run ourselves. As you’d expect they’re all in tip top mechanical condition and each comes with its very own expert driving instructor who’ll be sitting in the front passenger seat. They’re there to do the in-car briefing and to help you get the most out of the car on the track whilst you drive.

These supercar deals give you three laps of the Heyford circuit. On your first you’ll see the lay of the land and get used to the car. After that you’ll be lapping with increasing confidence going faster down the straights hitting the braking points spot on before the corner and then smoothly accelerating out of the curves. Well that’s the idea anyway!

If you’re tempted by this supercar blast offer you’ll need to act fast. The deal won’t be around forever so make sure you block off a Friday in your diary and get ready to blast off around the track in the dream car (or cars) of your choice.

Find out more and book your place today!