Supercar Choice with Hotlap

Our great value flexible weekday supercar choice – with hotlap included! If you like fast cars you’ll love this experience. You get to choose what you drive and where you drive – and it’s all at a great price too. What’s not to love about our one to five car supercar choice drives?

A fleet of luxury supercars a choice of tracks and a team of highly experienced instructors. That’s the basis of these supercar choice experiences. Add into the mix a hotlap high speed passenger ride with one of those instructors at the helm and you’ve got that extra little dash of excitement that rounds off the whole experience nicely.

The team that organises these track days knows a thing or two when it comes to supercars. They’ve scoured the world for the very best supercars ranging from British classics to American muscle and everything else in between. This selection of finely tuned glistening supercars is pretty impressive and when they’re all lined up in the paddock you’ll have trouble deciding which one is your favourite.

If you can’t decide or one car just isn’t enough go for the multiple supercar choice vouchers. That way you can pick your preferred motors and you can compare how they drive to decide on your ultimate favourite. The chance of actually owning one of these cars might be a long way off but for those precious minutes you can really make the most of all that horsepower out on the track away from the hassles of traffic traffic police and roadhumps!

Indeed the choice of tracks is pretty huge too. We’d wager a guess that you live not that far from at least one of these circuits. No decision has to be made at the time of buying the voucher as to where your supercar drive takes place making it easy and flexible for you.

And we nearly forget the icing on the cake of these supercar choice drives – the hotlap. You’ll be raced around the circuit in a Porsche Boxter S race car with a professional race car driver this truly is an adrenalin fuelled experience that will really open your eyes to the actual limit and beyond!  It’s a real eye-opener just how fast these guys and girls drive!

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