Supercar Circuit Blast

Get sporty in the automotive kind of way when you do a few supercar circuits! Yes there’s a track but you won’t be running around it you’ll be at the helm of your choice from a rather fine range of high performing dream cars.

Actually this experience is like a well-stocked buffet of driving delights as you can take your pick of one two three four of five different cars to drive. There’s also a special high-speed topping available too when you bolt on a passenger ride to your chosen package. Bring on the supercar circuits in the fancy cars!

Each one very much has its own character and history be it as a former airfield MoD testing ground or purpose-built car track and all have a mix of chicanes straights and curves that’ll have you working those gears to the max (and the brakes!). The best thing is of course the lack of speed cameras traffic lights and on coming traffic on the circuit meaning you can push the supercars to their limits.

As for the cars all the big names are there. Italy proudly comes up with the two Ferraris and the Lambo the Brits up the ante with the Astons and the Japanese wow us with the Nissan whilst Germany has a whole fleet of first-class engineered vehicles lined up including Porsches and Audi . Each one a supercar worthy of a fast challenging circuit.

Don’t forget not only is it up to you which of these cars you want to drive it’s also up to you which of these supercar circuits you want be at for your high speed driving session. A wonderful supercar day out surrounded by some of the most sought-after cars out there!

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Supercar Circuit Blast
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