Supercar Collection Blast

This experience may be called the supercar blast in Hertfordshire but we’d say it’s more like a total immersion into the world of fast motors! The track day operator has chosen some great cars in order to curate a superb supercar collection that any self-respecting millionaire would be proud of.

Far from just dipping your toe into the sensation of driving the supercar or cars of your choice this Hertfordshire venue gives you a superb initiation into performance driving. Each guest drivers starts the experience with a three lap instructor-driven recce of the circuit at track pace followed by one lap at high speed. By then you’ll be properly fired up for your driving laps of that smooth tarmac surface track. You’ll have plenty of time to get used to the handling and really start to work those turn-in points and braking zones like a seasoned circuit driver.

And indeed despite the value of this pristine fleet of fancy motors this is not a simple case of a procession of cars rumbling around the track in a fashion that’s more akin to a cruise along the Monaco seafront of a summer’s afternoon. You will be taking to a track that demands to be conquered in cars that demand to be properly driven.

Most of the supercars lined up here in Hertfordshire for your choosing have true race breeding behind them. All of them are totally exhilarating to drive no matter what their top speed acceleration or bhp is. And we’re not just talking modern supercars either there are a couple of classics in there too to delight the more nostalgic of drivers.

Depending on the voucher you have you’ll be able to choose one two three four five or six from this eclectic Hertfordshire supercar collection to drive for four laps each. These cars are truly in a league of their own and quite frankly properly nuts to drive. Let’s see which ones will feature in your supercar blast drive in Hertfordshire!

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