Supercar Collection Thrill Experience

Supercharged race prepped and tyres warmed this is the ultimate supercar experience! With a veritable dream line up of high performance and supercars offered at this centre in Hertfordshire.

Basically you get to drive your choice of the supercar fleet on this experience. By the end of the session you will know the circuit like the back of your hand and your laps are sure to improve as your confidence grows and you are more and more at ease with a shed load of horsepower under your right foot.

What’s more this is no procession or parade you’ll be actively encouraged to really go for it in these supercars making it the ultimate experience for petrol heads and speed demons. And of course it’s on a private circuit so no speed cameras or oncoming traffic to spoil the fun.

So what does your Supercar Collection Thrill experience involve? Well after checking in at reception you’ll head to a welcome and safety briefing with a little bit of tuition on track technique and etiquette before heading out for instructor-driven laps so you can see the lay of the land. Then it’s ignition on your session out on the circuit driving the ultimate in modern supercars.

This lot needs no introduction. Suffice to say they all cost an awful lot of money to buy maintain and run. We don’t even want to contemplate the miles per gallon or the number of sets of tyres these vehicles get through in a season as you go tyre-screeching around this small but beautifully formed smooth tarmac surface in your choice which includes Porsche Aston Martin Lamborghini and Audi to name a few. Nice.

So there you have it. Eight laps in each of the mighty fine vehicles chosen around this purpose-built circuit for not that much money. What more could any motoring fan want? We reckon this torque-fest in Hertfordshire is the ultimate supercar experience with a perfect blend of slick and powerful motors that’ll test your driving skills to the max.

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