Supercar Driving at Oulton Park

It’s destination Oulton Park for track days you build yourself! We’ve taken one of the best professional race circuits in the north west added a fine collection of supercars and we’re letting you choose how many of them you want to drive and which ones. 

Oulton Park track is right in the middle of what were the grounds to Oulton Hall which burnt down in the 1926. The whole area was an army camp during WW2 and after we all went de-mob happy the Mid-Cheshire Car Club developed the land as a racing track attracted by the expansive and incredibly picturesque grounds. Ever since those days Oulton Park has welcomed cars and motorbikes to race in national and international events.

The most famous of which has to be the Gold Cup. A certain Stirling Moss won this prestigious event no less than five times in various cars including a Maserati and a Ferguson. Decades later you’ll be hitting the north west’s best track in some of the finest supercars around today. With comfort gadgets and onboard driving aids the cars are a far cry from Stirling’s era but the track layout it still just as challenging at Oulton Park.

Indeed throwing a supercar around Oulton’s infamous (and wonderfully named) Knickerbrook Corner takes courage and commitment no matter how much traction control ABS EPS and any other three letter acronyms you can throw at it. Oulton Park is a proper driver’s circuit and you’ll have to give it your all to make the most of these track days. Luckily there’ll be an expert instructor driver at your side giving you some in-car tuition to hit that racing line sweet spot on every corner.

These supercar track days take place on the Foster’s layout at Oulton Park. After the main starting straight  it’s Old Hall Corner and a bit of time to get used to the car and the track before hitting Cascades and the tricky Knickerbrook. Up Clay Hill a smooth line through Druids Corner under Warwick Bridge and you’re heading for the last corner before hooning it down Deer Leap.

You’ll be at the wheel for three miles in the car or cars you’ve picked you just know these Oulton Park track days are going to be testing exciting and filled with some serious horsepower.

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