Supercar Select Oxfordshire

Sign up for our Heyford Park driving experience! The method behind these Supercar Select sessions Oxford is simple – you select the number of laps you want to drive and then how many cars you want to try and you’ve got yourself one brilliant experience at Heyford Park that anyone remotely interested in cars will get very excited about.

Looking like they’ve rolled straight out of the showroom the impressive line up of head-turning vehicles includes the Ferrari 360 (probably red complete with stylish white stripes) the Porsche 911 which might well come in a dashing canary yellow with GT bodykit the gorgeous Aston Martin DB9 that’ll most likely be smartly dressed in sublime grey metallic the Audi R8 with it’s dark and mysterious livery and the Lamborghini Gallardo with its racing look.

This family run driving school is headed up by Paul Davis who has many years’ experience running World Sportscar teams and Heyford Park has been the company’s home since 2001. This means they have developed and honed the tarmac track over the years to be smooth running with exhilarating straights and challenging corners so you can really test the cars out.

Don’t forget there are several options for these Heyford Park driving experiences. You can buy a voucher to drive one two or three super cars and it’s up to you whether you make it a blast around this Oxfordshire track with three laps or you can extend your run with a six lap session in each car. Whichever combination you pick it’s going to be full of high revs and super car power out there!

Find out more and book your place today!