Supercar Thrill & Hotlap

It’s petrolhead paradise on this Supercar Thrill! Available at different venues around the UK this experience is all about you. You get to pick which of the fine sporting cars you want to drive and you will choose which circuit you want to fling it around too. Time to get revved up for your day out…

Awesome is word that is overused these days. But many of our customers who have been on this blast experience come back and tell us it was exactly that. The set up is impressive and the boys behind the business Andy Cummings and Simon George certainly know their stuff as Andy still finds time to compete in motor races and Simon writes for the legendary motoring mag Evo. As soon as you pull up in the car park you’ll see the huge articulated lorries and it feels like a proper motorsport gathering.

Facilities on site are good too. There is always plenty of room for friends and family to enthusiastically cheer you on as you accelerate out of the pit lane in that big shiny supercar you’ve always dreamt of driving. There’ll be plenty of time for taking pictures of you posing with your hands on that plush leather steering wheel and there are also professional photographers to capture the wheel-screeching track moments too (payable locally).

So what cars do you get to choose from? Well it’s a rather fine ‘parc ferme’ of wonderful specimens of automotive engineering. There’s the feisty little Ariel Atom the growling Audi R8 the Jaguar F Type R the slick Aston Martin V8 Vantage driver’s car the Porsche 997 turbo the £100k plus Lamborghini Gallardo and perennial favourite the Ferrari 360.

As for the circuits they are all proper tarmac tracks that have been laid out so you can test the brakes the speed and the handling of the car. Six venues are currently offered on this blast experience; Yorkshire Leicestershire Wiltshire Northamptonshire Lincolnshire and Birmingham. Once again it’s up to you which you head to making this one of our most flexible single supercar drives going.

Your single supercar thrill then gives you six miles of delectable driving goodness. To polish off your experience you will be presented with a personalised single supercar blast driving certificate.

Find out more and book your place today!