Supersprint Rally Experience

Your choice of rally driving experience UK-wide comes accelerating headfirst towards you with gusto at these three fast furious and highly authentic rally venues around the country. You also get to pick which top-notch rally car you want to take for a sprint around the track too. What could be better than that?

First things first: the cars. There’s the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX or the Subaru Impreza WRX STi. Both are highly experienced rally driving machines and have had more UK and World rally stage and championship wins than your own car will have had oil changes. Both are all wheel drive and both are rally prepared. This pretty much puts both of these impressive group N rally cars on a level playing field for your 15 minutes of intense rally training.

Your supersprint rally driving experience is offered at three distinct venues around the UK. There’s the promise of tree-lined routes fast straights and cumbersome cambers that all need to be overcome – by you. And these aren’t just tracks that have been marked out for experience day driving they are part of the UK National Rally Championships so it’s proper!

So prepare yourself for seriously technical full forest stages (it’s what the UK rally scene does best!) with trees from start to finish fast open straights and tricky corners in woodland as well as stages that make the most of the mixed tarmac and loose gravel to test you when it comes to grip. And with many a rally champ having gone before you on the same routes you will be following in some very promising tyre-tracks!

Whichever venue you select and no matter which of the two cars you drive we are confident that these rally driving experiences are the UK’s best! A trio of tantalising tracks that will push your driving skills send your heart racing and get you going at speeds on narrow routes you never thought possible. And of course some of the UK’s most experienced rally drivers will be in the co-pilot’s seat to guide you.

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