Superstar Singer Group Session

Form your very own singing group and make beautiful music together with a recording session at venues around the UK! Get your friends together and head into a professional sound studio to lay down your very own track with this brilliant recording session gift voucher – and you can even go behind the scenes to see just what kind of electronic wizardry goes into producing a great music CD.

Studios are where the magic happens in the music business. We have several nationwide locations where you can book a group recording session maybe as a gift for a friend or family member or perhaps to turn a special event into a memorable musical day out.  All our studios are kitted out with the latest gear and gadgets and there’s a professional sound engineer at the helm to make you and your co-singers sound pitch perfect.

Up to five of you will have a practice session before going for a take and recording your chosen song together over a period of two hours. So for all those Little Mix or One Direction wannabes here’s your opportunity to create your very own X-Factor moment and show us what talent you’ve got.

When it comes to picking what to sing you will be invited to select your tune from the extensive library of backing tracks. Technicians and engineers will make you feel at ease and explain how each recording session works then once in the soundproofed room you and your newly formed super-group will record the vocals (however good or bad they may be!). There’s plenty of room to dance around or you can concentrate on those heartfelt lyrics but either way having fun with friends is definitely the order of the day.

Once you have got that killer track in the can head over to watch the producer work his magic on the mixing desk. It’s amazing what they can do remixing your voice using state of the art technology including auto tune and EQ. These special effects are even used when producing for label-signed artists so if you want to emulate Justin Timberlake’s high pitched harmonies after your recording session you can! It’s then time to burn that track onto CDs. Each member of the group will receive a personalised copy of your new number one tune to take home with you.  

Calling any would-be boy band or girl band out there here’s your chance to get your very own recording session – the ideal gift for movers and groovers of all ages. Get your family friends or colleagues together for this superb audio adventure that’s all about music and entertainment. It’s time to see if you could have a top ten single on your hands!

Find out more and book your place today!