Suzuki Rally Essex

Zip round the track on a Suzuki Swift rally session! The Sport version of these nippy little Japanese superminis has featured in many a rally championship world wide and even has its own race series in several countries. This is your chance to drive this Suzuki rally car in Essex.

As rally driving experiences go this one in Essex is a little bit different. For a start there’s no tarmac here. A three-mile loose gravel stage has been carved out of the ground to make for a pretty authentically-styled rally stage right here in the middle of the countryside near Saffron Walden. And they only do rallying here – it’s their speciality.

That’s because rally driving has become a passion through the generations of the Clark family who own Langley Lawn Farm. Whilst the farming business still goes strong in between the fields you’ll find this well-thought out rally track – and it’s great fun to drive it in a Suzuki Swift rally car. What’s more current school boss Tom Clark has an impressive track record with these Swifts.

As a rookie rallyer Tom competed for two years in Latvia to becomes Junior Champion of the Suzuki Swift Sport 1600 series. The young rally driving champ then returned to the UK to rally with the trusted Swift in the British Rally Championship’s Suzuki Sport Cup in 2010 which he won. So it’s clear that these days Tom feels at home here in Essex in these Swift Sports which have incidentally all actually been used as competition cars.

Being front wheel drive your main task with the Suzuki will be to avoid understeer out on the track (where the car just continues in the same direction when you exit a turn) but in essence the Swifts are great cars for cutting your rally teeth on. And with expert tuition from the likes of Tom and his experienced team of instructors you’ll soon start to weave in between those cones with ease kicking up the dust as you go.

So if you want the real deal go for the Suzuki Swift rally on the gravel in Essex. Authentic cars great teachers giving you in-car coaching and a challenging course allowing you to experience what it’d be like in a proper BRC rally series. Go for the high speed passenger lap add-on extra and it’ll be just like being a co-pilot on a rally stage!

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