Benefit from maximum flexibility with our Tandem Skydive vouchers that are valid for a variety of drop zones located throughout the UK. That means the choice of which tandem club you pick for your skydiving experience is entirely up to you!

Tandem jumps are our best-selling type of skydive. In essence the professional skydiver is the one who does all the work and you just hang on in there and enjoy the ride. All instructors are ‘jump masters’ who have undertaken rigorous training and made hundreds if not thousands of jumps to qualify to be able to offer tandem-style experiences that allow complete novices to feel the thrills of free falling without all that training.

Although the instructor is in control of the exit opening and landing sequences you will need to know what is going and what to expect so all budding tandem skydivers will receive pre-jump training including instruction on safety emergency and landing procedures and often watching a video of a tandem skydiving scenario is part of the induction too.

So what does it feel like to skydive attached to your instructor in a tandem harness? Of course the actual multi-point harness isn’t that comfortable and you’ll prepare for your skydive by attaching yourselves together whilst you’re still making your ascent in the plane so by the time it comes to exiting you’ll find yourselves waddling towards the open door and it feels like you’re wearing the instructor (who also carries the parachute) like a backpack!

And when it comes to the skydive itself it’s not the roller coaster of a choppy tandem ride from around 10 000ft you’d expect. When you are free falling it’s actually more serene and you enjoy a floaty feeling and the pressure of the air around you on your body. It only lasts for around 30 seconds so try to relish every moment and if possible take a look back at the aeroplane as it’s the only thing that’ll give you any perspective when you’re thousands of feet up in the sky.

At the moment the instructor deploys the chute at around 5000ft there is a jerk as the falling stops and you go upwards for a second or two. It’s only then your brain really registers the sensation that you are descending but with four or five minutes of floating back down to earth ‘under canopy’ to enjoy you might even be treated to a few turns and moves if you’re up for it. Your skydive partner might even hand your the toggles for your to control your tandem ride for a few moments as landing preparations are being completed.

Before you know it the ground will start rushing towards you and it’s time to bring your thrilling tandem skydive to a close by executing the perfect landing. Knees up your instructor’s feet will hit the ground first and with any luck all you’ll need to do is stand up! Utterly exhilarated it’ll be time to celebrate your tandem skydiving success with friends and family who have been eagerly watching the  aerial action.

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