Target Rifle Shooting Newcastle

Handle a full selection of air guns at this shooting range near Newcastle! This is target rifle shooting for maximum fun in a safe and controlled environment which gives you the chance to fire a variety of air rifles. It’s a great setting and one of the most intriguing shooting ranges in the north east.

Deep in the Northumberland countryside yet just 16 miles from Newcastle City Centre this shooting range is in the grounds of a lovely country house hotel. The team that runs these shooting events is the preferred supplier for outdoor activities here so you know you’re in good hands. What’s more it’s a long-established business with the combined experience of the shooting instructors totting up to over a 100 years!

Target shooting take place indoors using a purpose built shooting benches that you sit at. If the weather is good you might shoot outdoors in what shooters call the ‘prone’ posture that’s to say lying flat on your tummy. This is the most stable position to adopt and it feels all the more ‘commando’ as you line up your shot and get ready to blast pellet holes in those traditional paper targets.

If things progress well during your target shoot you might be able to turn your attention to the mechanical targets. These are metal shapes that you knock down with your pellets and make for that very satisfying ‘ping’ when you get a hit.

To be able to hit the targets spot-on you need the right weapon. This Newcastle shoot has invested in a wide range of arms. All are compressed gas air rifles including different weights for younger participants. There are the precision air rifles from Germany’s Weihrauch the BSA and Webley that are handmade in Birmingham and the must-have European-produced Hatsan air guns to name just a few.

It’s a superb collection of arms and during your target shooting session you’ll be able to try out several of them. And it’s this variety of that makes target rifle shooting in Newcastle unique. Whether you’re a first time shooter or a bit of a hot-shot when it comes to shooting there’s plenty to keep you amused at this country estate shooting range outside Newcastle. 

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