Target Shooting and Clays Humberside

Head to this Humberside rifle range and be prepared to take aim and fire at a variety of targets. With one of the widest ranges of weaponry available amongst all our target shooting experiences this family-run Humberside shooting ground is a brilliant place to learn all about shooting.

This is a very popular outdoor centre just in-land from Hornsea and north of Hull. Started in the 1970s this Humberside club has grown to become one of the finest in the area. It’s very much a permanent set-up here concentrating on the popular outdoor pursuits of clay pigeon shooting rifles and fishing too. We are offering a trio of packages that all include a clay shoot with the rifle shooting session of your choice.

The most accessible in terms of both price and ease of use is the spring and PCP air rifle shooting session. These guns fire pellets using compressed air (PCP stands for pre-charged pneumatic). The recoil is very low making it ideal for first time shooters to get used to the sensation of releasing the trigger. 

Amongst enthusiasts the most popular target shooting category is the 0.22 calibre rifle. If you go for this option at the Humberside shooting centre you’ll be firing real ammunition – that’s to say rimfire cartridges. These have the advantage of being cost-effective and a good compromise between accuracy performance and ease of use. There’s low recoil and participants will be fitted with a gun to suit their size.

It’s literally a case of getting the big guns out if you choose the centrefire rifle package. Centre fire refers to the type of bullet cartridge used with the firing pin hitting the centre of the cartridge to ignite the primer. In essence these bigger cartridges are used on bigger guns. And that means higher pressure which means more recoil and a bigger bang. It’s the sort of gun that would be used for ‘big game’ hunting.

No furry things will harmed at this Humberside target shooting centre. Instead you’ll be firing at the very best Olympic-grade electronic targets with real-time access to info about the shots fired. If you’re shooting 0.22 calibre or centrefire guns this is the range you’ll be at. On the PCP rifle shooting there’s a dedicated range with over 100 knock-down and traditional paper targets for you.

And don’t forgot the clay pigeon shooting element included on all experiences at this Humberside rifle range. Once again the facilities are second to none. There are 20 layouts including a 75ft tower with 100 automatic traps releasing driven crosses rabbis and more for to aim at. We reckon it’s going to be a blast and if you do get into your shooting there’s a well-stocked gun shop with gunsmith on site too.

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