Tea Tasting Experience

Enjoy an afternoon discovering the nation’s favourite beverage with our Tea Tasting experience! Nothing beats a nice cuppa and when it’s freshly brewed with a very carefully selected blend of leaves it really is one of the most delicious and refreshing hot drinks there is.

Your tea tasting host is Alex Probyn a master tea blender who worked for one of the world’s leading tea brands so he knows a thing or two when it comes to coming up with the tastiest blends for your cup of tea. In fact he was travelling around the world tasting around 500 cups of tea a day in his role as a professional tea taster and has now set up his own business creating and selling personalised teas as unique gifts.

Throughout the session you will learn all about the creation origins facts and tasting of tea as well as sampling at least 24 different teas and herbal brews. Although it’s called a tasting exploring the flavours of tea involves the eyes and nose as well as the tongue and you’ll soon discover each tea leaf from every estate has its own flavour colour and shape.

There’s no need for you to travel to every corner of the globe to taste leaf tea from China to India it’s all brought to you in the heart of Kent. And not only will there be cups of tea there’ll also be a home-made afternoon tea included giving you something to munch on whilst sipping teas too!

By the end of the workshop you’ll be looking at the simple cuppa from a whole new perspective. Words like ‘brassy’ and ‘wiry’ will become second nature as you sniff and taste your way around this wonderful collection of teas and herbal concoctions. You even get to use your new-found knowledge to create your very own bespoke blend of tea.

Tea tasting from the tea wall at this Kent-based ‘Blendatorium’ offers a fun and interactive insight into tea as not only does Alex blend a good tea he also talks a good tea so you’re sure to be entertained. This experience is suitable for groups of up to 12 so if you looking to organise an unusual group activity this is a great choice.

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