Teen Rally Stafford

Sign the kids up for a junior road rallying experience and the little darlings will be hooning it around the tarmac in pro-rally style in no time! Take a top-notch rally car add patient driving instructors and this is the stuff of kids’ driving dreams.

Chances are your car mad teen is one of the many millions who have watched those crazy stunt and performance driving videos that are all over YouTube. They might even have watched in amazement as cars just like the ones featured on these kids tarmac rally days are pushed to the limits as they do things like drive along dusty old tarmac airfield roads at full speed just because they can.

We can’t provide the desert wilderness of the US of A but there will be a fast-rolling tarmac surface for your budding junior driving legends. This is their chance to get to grips with an iconic rally car which happens to be equally at home on the roads as the rally tracks. It certainly looks the part too all liveried up in crazy eye-catching colours which is sure to make them the stars of the track.

The car is a Subaru Impreza WRX STi. This motor absolutely loves pulling drifts and slides all over the place. And once that first tyre screech has been achieved there’s no looking back. Helping the kids realise those road rallying dreams are the expert instructors here in Stafford. They’re experienced good-humoured and know just how to get the most out of their charges and the cars. Before long the mini motorists will be getting to grips with the basics of precision driving out on the main track.

Keen kids will be taking to the main smooth tarmac track at Staffordshire to really feel the power of this fantastic car with enough time behind the wheel to hone their tarmac rally driving skills. Book them a junior road rallying experience and get them getting those tyres screeching in Staffordshire!

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