Thames Rockets Ultimate Speed Thrill

Are you ready to rock the Thames Rockets? Prepare to go warp-speed right from the word go all the way up to the Thames Barrier. These Rocket boats are pretty cool. They’re rugged and highly agile vessels that bounce along the water with ease at speeds of up to 35mph.

The Rockets are bright red so you can’t miss them as they whizz around the capital’s main waterway giving sightseers the big thrill and big sights all rolled into one fab and very fun waterborne tour.

Setting off from London Bridge City pier just beside the Tower of London and Tower Bridge you’ll go as far as the impressive Thames Barrier on this boat trip. To begin with all seems calm as you cruise gently away from the pier admiring the various buildings and landmarks as you go. All very civilised and relaxed…

…until you’re in the high speed zone and then it’s full throttle for a bouncing jostling and pure thrills trip. You’ll soon see why these boats are known as the Thames Rockets. They certainly go like one. But the mad thing about it all is that you won’t actually be getting wet. Well maybe a bit of spray but nothing like soaked to the skin that you might expect from a rocket tour like this. That’s because the boat lies pretty low in the water (and partly because the skippers are boat driving aces!) so you get all the scream-out-loud exhilaration without feeling soggy at the end of it all.

It’s also worth noting that all Thames Rocket passengers on a mission to the Thames Barrier and back will be kitted out with stylish fleece-lined waterproof sailing jackets and buoyancy aids. If it looks like it’s going to be choppy or chilly out there you can also get goggles and waterproof trousers too so a bit of London drizzle certainly won’t stop play on these tours – in fact it makes it even more exciting.

You’ll travel along the Thames just as far as the Thames Barrier having hooned it past the likes of Greenwich with its Cutty Sark the O2 and loads more besides. Going so fast on a boat on the river is sure to make you feel like you’ve broken the speed barrier (and maybe the sound barrier with your screams!) as the Thames Rocket is pushed to its limit all in the name of merriment and enjoyment for you!

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