The National Brewery Centre Tours

Discover why Burton upon Trent is regarded as the home of brewing with this tour of the National Brewery Museum that also incorporates the Bass Museum. The methods have certainly changed at the modern breweries still located in this Staffordshire town but this top tour takes you back in time to the heyday of hops so you can learn about the craft and skill of brewers in days gone by as well as the history of brewing.

The whole experience is led by a beer expert who as well as having a fine repertoire of amusing anecdotes certainly knows a thing or two about brewery history both local and national. The museum boasts numerous exhibits of beer production equipment and locations from its popularity in the Middle Ages right through to the commercial brewing age of the Victorian era and beyond. The museum also incorporates large portions of the renowned Bass brewery allowing you a glimpse into how our nation’s favourite tipple is produced.

Your visit to this brewery centre and museum also includes a tour of the William Worthington Micro Brewery where you will discover how important steam was to the growth of national breweries with steam driven water pumps and even a fully restored steam train sitting in the factory’s own station. There is also the collection of vintage vehicles including delivery wagons and some very quirky promotional cars from the 1920s. You may also meet the Shire horses who pull the traditional drays (the brewer’s word for carts) that used to deliver the barrels of beer and there are even some traditional pub games to be attempted and enjoyed in the Edwardian bar!

Your foray into fermentation and the history of hops culminates in a food and beer tasting session in the magnificent Brewery Tap Bar and Restaurant within the museum complex. Here you’ll be regaled with top tips and tasting advice as you sample a few fine ales all perfectly matched to the delectable food that’s served to you

This is the ideal experience for beer ale and lager lovers of all (legal) ages and makes for a fascinating venture into the world of brewing. The national brewery museum offers a wealth of history and interactive fun for beer enthusiasts and when combined with the mouth-watering selection of foods and drinks on offer through the tasting session we’re sure this will hit the spot with many an intrepid quaffer as well as anyone looking to develop their palate.

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