The View from the Shard

Visit the Shard – the greatest panorama of London you’ll ever see! This fabulous London Shard experience will see you going on a journey to the pinnacle of Western Europe’s highest building reaching the open-air 72nd floor of this stunning skyscraper by legendary Italian architect guru Renzo Piano

The name for this experience is very apt as it really is all about the view when you visit the Shard. We wager that you’ll be wandering around in sheer awe as you drink in the 360 degree vistas of the capital through the huge panes of glass. The triple height ceilings make you feel like you could just reach out and touch the clouds and as you look down everything seems to be in miniature in that tilt shift style.

Shard entrance slots are timed for all visitors so there should be no long queues and there isn’t a limit on how long you stay. You will be taking two high-speed kaleidoscopic lifts to reach the viewing areas. Changing on the 33rd floor of this iconic Shard building you follow a unique map of London and the Thames with clues and riddles as you transfer to the second lift. In just 30 seconds you will be on the 68th floor where your visiting experience of this superb building really begins.

As you work your way up to the 69th floor it’s time to get your head for heights on as the horizon opens up before your very eyes. On a good day you can see over 40 miles – and it’s true to say that  London’s skyline has been redefined by the Shard but the visit’s highlight has to be the final leg of the journey to the 72nd floor.

This storey is the highest public access level you can at visit at the Shard and here you are exposed to the elements with all the sounds of the bustling city swirling around you. We know this visit is all about what you can see from the Shard but take a moment to close your eyes and listen to the distant hum of traffic noise sirens trundling trains and church bells – it’s mesmerising from 244m above the ground!

Looking upwards your gaze follows the final morsels of glistening glass as the ‘shard-like’ pieces disappear into the vanishing point in the sky. And don’t forget you can visit the Shard during the day and in the evening so you can choose to ascend the Shard to see London in the daylight or capture the bright lights of the city after nightfall. A wonderful tourist attraction that is bound to leave a lasting impression of your sky-high Shard visit.

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