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Tractor Driving Nottinghamshire | The Real Britain Company

Tractor Driving Nottinghamshire

Go tractor driving in Nottinghamshire! Between Worksop and Doncaster not far from Blyth you’ll be at the tournament ground where you can drive proper tractors just like a real farmer. It’s great fun and these agricultural machines are certainly impressive.

We are offering a trio of tractor drives for you here in Notts. Each one involves you climbing into the cab and taking on tractor challenges. On the taster session you will tackle the tractor course. This is a purpose-built track that criss-crosses the countryside and it’s pretty rutted so you’ll need all your tractor driving skills to succeed.

On the extended session you’ll be getting to grips with that same track. Then it’s time to knuckle down to some classic farming tasks; sorting out bales in the field. You’ll be picking and moving the big heavy bales with your tractor. This one takes a bit of practice but it’s pretty exhilarating.

The ultimate tractor driving session here in the Nottinghamshire countryside will see you tackling the tractor track the hay bale challenge and (wait for it)….ploughing a field. How cool is that? Working the soil just like a real farmer is totally brilliant. Let’s see if you plough nice straight lines or not!

As for what tractor you’ll be driving there are two in the fleet here near Blyth. Both are German and both are true farm workhorses. The Deutz Fahr is a powerful modern tractor with German precision engineering and Italian design. It’s capable of towing up to 20 000Kg and inside the cab it’s all about driver comfort (check out the air suspension seat!) and the Work Display driver aid console.

Fendt is also a German tractor brand and again the Fendt 414 is a powerful beast. It’s easy to drive with the Vario auto transmission and is efficient and economic too. It has a maximum speed of 31mph boasts 143bhp and is turbocharged. Who’d have thought tractors would be turbocharged but they are!

Whichever machine is on duty the day of your tractor driving in Nottinghamshire we’re sure you will have an absolute blast thundering around the fields in your tractor. We can highly recommend going for the Ultimate experience so you get to move bales around and plough the field too. What more could a tractor fan ask for?

Find out more and book your place today!