Tractor Driving Wiltshire

Want to go tractor driving in Wiltshire? You’ve come to the right place. Tractors are the workhorses of the land and we salute them with these brilliant tractor driving experiences on a working farm and agricultural training centre in Wiltshire

The land on and around Rowdefield has been farmed by the Butler family since 1860. Today there are around 500 acres with a trio of tractors working the land. But farmer John (the current Butler in charge!) also has a decade of experience teaching agriculture and business which is why he decided to offer training courses in all things agriculture (from tree felling to tractor driving) at his Wiltshire farm.

We have put together these tractor driving experiences so you can have go at driving these amazing vehicles. And what a pair of tractors we’ve got lined up for you. In the 80s when most of us were watching the A Team and Grange Hill the Case International 1455XL was out in the fields smashing it. This German-built tractor was legendary in farming circles. Rugged pretty much bullet-proof and powerful enough to pull a house down they used to say!

Fast forward to present day farm machinery and the John Deere 6 series is the shining star of ploughing drilling bailing shifting lifting – whatever you want it do. This green giant of a tractor is the powerful 195bhp (yes we know that IS a lot more than you’d think for a tractor isn’t it?) 6.8l engine 6195R model. Inside the cab is high-tech with automatic gears electronic controls and even GPS guided steering.

And don’t forget this is a training farm so you will be experiencing at first hand the natural habitat of these impressive machines with an experienced teacher guiding you as you go.

Whilst we might not fancy getting up at 4am at harvest time we have to admit that the idea of being able to drive a proper tractor on a proper farm is an opportunity we couldn’t miss and we think you’ll love it too. Book your tractor driving experience in Wiltshire at this Devizes farm and see for yourself just how big capable and fun to drive these tractors are.

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