Traditional Blacksmithing Carmarthen

Blacksmith courses in Wales – keeping tradition alive in Carmarthenshire! These blacksmithing workshops at a professional forge give you an insight into the work of a forger. It’s going to be hot with sparks and fire as you get stuck in with these hands-on courses.

The man behind Phoenix Forge is William Holland. He trained as an architect and a blacksmith giving him a unique and very creative eye on the skilled art of blacksmithing. As William says: ‘By combining techniques and contemporary design I make one of a kind pieces that best serve their context’.

And that’s the beauty of this traditional craft today; you can hand-craft something that’s beautiful and practical for modern life at the same time. You’ll be wowed by William’s portfolio of work which includes gates that makes statements on driveways churchyard railings that look like they’ve always been there and the most stylish stair bannister we’ve ever seen!

We are offering three courses for you at this Carmarthen forge. If you want a good general introduction to the art of blacksmithing we highly recommend the Blacksmith Experience Day. It shows you the work of a blacksmith and you make lots of little useful household bits and bobs as you go all of which you will be taking home with you to use (and admire!).

The two other rather more specialist courses are Knife Making and Axe Making. Getting used to working the steel in the heat by making a letter opener puts you in good stead for forging and fashioning your very own knife blade shape. After bevelling the edges your knife will be given a handle and there you have your sharp-edge knife worthy of any chef survivalist or hunter.

On the axe making course you’ll be working smithing and striking to forge the hot steel into your axe head. Heat treated to be a working tool you will then learn how to do the shaping and hafting (putting the handle on) giving you a hand axe that’ll chop firewood with ease.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of completing your blacksmith course in this lovely corner of Wales with those hand-forged items under your arm as you leave the forge having learned just what it takes to be a blacksmith. Dates are limited so make sure you book your place at Phoenix Forge soon.

Find out more and book your place today!

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