Train Cab Ride in Kent

If you know someone who’s mad about locos they’ll love these train cab rides! This is your chance to ride shotgun upfront in a diesel engine on the East Kent Railway. This delightful historic railway is the perfect place to experience a train ride from the cab sitting alongside the driver.

The railway line runs from Shepherdswell to Eythorne Station. It might only be a fairly short section of track but there is so much to see in that time. For starters arriving a Shepherdswell you’ll be immediately drawn into the lovely little station cafe where many of the travellers gather before boarding. This station is also where the East Kent railway’s miniature railway resides again a fascinating little addition to your experience.

But the main event is of course your ride in the diesel engine cab. Hooked up to carriages you will have the privilege of watching a classic diesel engine at work as it hauls the passengers along the line. And we have to say you get an amazing view down the line from the cab.

The first part of your ride is quite unusual too as you have to stop to let crew off the train to open the gates over the road at the North Bank level crossing. Not long after that comes one of the main highlights of your journey in the train cab – the Golgotha Tunnel. It’s fascinating to experience driving through it from the perspective of the driver in their cab.

Out into the cutting on the other side the Kentish countryside will start to come into view as you reach the treeline. The approach to Eythorne is also an interesting one as you can clearly see the old trackbed that branched off to the Guilford Colliery. Again you get the best view of it all from the cab. After crew check the points your ride continues into Eythorne.

After a stop of around 15 minutes you’ll accompany the driver in the cab for your return journey. All in all you will spend approximately 40 minutes riding in the cab of a vintage working diesel engine on a passenger service. And as an extra bonus the driver will save one very special job for you – sounding the horn! Brilliant fun at a superb little railway and at a great price too.

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