Trampoline Lessons

Put a spring in your step with these trampoline lessons for all ages! If you’ve not ventured onto a trampoline since school gym class days fear not these introductory sessions aimed at beginners will coach you in all your basic trampolining techniques.

We’re not talking Olympic gymnast standard being required here these lessons are all about fun and fitness whilst you bounce. In fact a 10 minute jumping session here is the equivalent to a 30 minute run and about thousand times more enjoyable too we reckon so what’s not to love?

To help you in your quest to learn how to trampoline safely these lessons are run as one to one coaching sessions. One of the centre’s fully qualified and very patient coaches will set off you off and be by your side for every bounce as you get used to the sensation of being up in the air and of course what happens when you come back down again!

As confidence builds your bouncing will get bigger stronger and more controlled with far less in the way of arms flailing and wobbliness. And we can assure you it’s a great feeling as you leap around and really quite liberating too. And it’s a great thing for children and parents to enjoy together with the minimum age for individual lessons being five years old and at least 110cm tall. As for the upper age limit for trampoliners – there isn’t one.

If during your one hour coaching session you take to trampoline like a duck to water you might even be able to try a few tricks. It’s worth noting that these are smaller dimension fitness trampolines rather than the full-size competition ones so things like front and back flips are not possible on the standard trampolines (although there is a foam pit where tricks can be tried) but a couple of pike and straddle jumps might be on the cards.

So despite what you might think here’s the proof that trampoline lessons aren’t just for the young gymnasts out there – anyone can jump and bounce and have a ball. These fully coached sessions will show you how you can improve fitness give yourself a cardiovascular workout burn calories and tone those muscles just by leaping up and down on that little rectangular springy surface!

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