Trampolines & Free Jumping Session

It’ll be big boings abound when you book in for a free jumping session at this brilliant bounce centre! Not only will you be leaping around all over the place there are lots of extra bouncing activities to put a spring in your step…let us tell you more.

Big warehouse-sized indoor spaces full of bouncers and bouncing activities are all the rage. You might think they are only aimed at kids but that’s not true. In fact adults often love these places even more than little ones do as it’s a chance to really let your hair down leave those inhibitions at the door and bounce away like you did in gym classes at school or even better take the whole family along with you and leap around together.

When you set about channelling that boundless energy on a free jumping session at this brilliant bounce centre you’ll want to try out everything that’s on offer. As well as the dozens of linked trampolines where you’re free to move around as you please there are some fun challenges too.

The most energetic has to be dodge ball. Two teams go head to head chucking special soft balls at each other and if you’re hit you keep your ball in you hand for over 10 seconds or you kick it you’re out. Winner is the last one left standing – and all this whilst being bounced in the air too.

We also love the Slam Dunk corner. With full-height basket ball nets you’ll be able to spring into the air and dunk that ball squarely in the basket with style. Stand aside 7ft tall Harlem Globetrotter it’s bounce-power that’ll get you the points!

Then there’s the Balance Beam. This is like a duel performed on a foam-filled walkway with a huge airbag around you to catch you when you fall or rather when your opponent knocks you off balance with a foam baton. You can also practice your fancy jumps and flips using the airbag and foam pit for that soft landing and you can even have a go at the little climbing wall section which again has protective mattresses to cushion any falls

On these free jumping and dodge ball experiences it’s all about the slam bounce jump and dunk toppling your opponents and just generally springing and leaping like you don’t have a care in the world at this energy-filled bounce centre for all ages. Brilliant.

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